The Under Presents

The Under Presents is a multiplayer mobile VR game that blends live immersive-theater and an otherworldly, time-bending narrative.

Roles  |  Game Designer, Artist

Studio  |  Tender Claws

Duration  |  Since May 2018

Tools used  |  Unity. 3DS Max. VS Code.

Live immersive theater meets VR to bring an intriguing experience set between two worlds. Players will explore a jaunty vaudeville stage featuring different live and recorded acts in a dimension outside time and space, and uncover the harrowing story of The Aickman, a doomed research vessel stranded in time.

As a game designer, artist, and Unity developer on The Under Presents, I had the opportunity to wear multiple hats on the project and contribute to various parts of the game. For the Under, I designed the game's multiplayer ritual magic (multiplayer spell casting) and restoration systems to inspire wonder, curiosity, and awe, and to encourage exploration and teamwork amongst our players and live actors. I designed, scripted, 3D modeled, animated, and optimized the locations, puzzles, and interactive stage acts within this overworld. I additionally polished and optimized various scenes and final levels for the single-player narrative experience on the Aickman.


  • SXSW Innovation Award Finalist (2020)

  • Oculus "Immersive Storytelling of the Year" (2019)

  • Forbes VR Game of the Year (2019)

  • IndieCade "Official Nominee" (2019)

  • Sundance Film Festival Official Selection (2019)


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