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Octobo is an interactive smart plush that combines educational storybooks, tokens, and apps.

Role  |  Crowdfunding Campaign Manager

Company  |  Thinker-Tinker

Duration  |  2017 - 2018


My Role

My responsibilities on Octobo included managing the crowdfunding campaign and various social media accounts, as well as providing writing materials, graphic designs, art and design work for the platform.

I created design documents and graphics, and worked with project leads to design the toy's light feedback system. I helped write and edit the language used in the Octobo interactive app, tutorial, and various storybooks.

As crowdfunding campaign manager, I helped raise $75,000 in funding for Octobo. After building and executing a social media campaign for the smart toy, I managed two simultaneous crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and ZecZec in March 2018. After successfully obtaining funding for the project on both platforms, I helped Octobo acquire partnerships with OpenIDEO and NBC Comcast Universal.

I created and managed the Kickstarter, Indiegogo, BackeKit, and ZecZec campaigns. I built and executed social media strategies to establish brand objectives, improve customer acquisition, and promote our crowdfunding campaign. I created, published, and managed original daily content to engage and acquire followers.


  • Kickstarter "Project's We Love" (2018)

  • alt.ctrl.GDC Official Selection (2016)

  • IndieCade at E3 Official Selection (2016)


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