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Virtual Virtual Reality

Virtual Virtual Reality is an award-winning VR game about VR, A.I., and our collective sci-fi fever dreams.

Roles  |  Game Designer & Artist

Studio  |  Tender Claws

Duration  |  Mar 2018 - May 2019

Tools used  |  Unity. 3DS Max.


Virtual Virtual Reality, a narrative-driven comedy-adventure, is both commentary on and love letter to the medium of VR and its current place of hype and speculation in today’s culture. In a future where AI has transformed society, can humans still find purpose? Find out with Activitude, a service that lets humans aid AI clients in increasingly curious ways.


My Role

I was a designer and artist on the first expansion of this best-selling, critically acclaimed, and award winning VR game. I redesigned and polished various scenes such as the Tumbleweed job, the Backstage, Hernandez level, Bernice level, Human Union vacuum tutorial, and many headset levels. I collaborated with teammates to design and implement vignettes and minigames players could experience in the player hub. I redesigned, modelled, and animated characters and controllers, and used proprietary tools in Unity to implement various assets.


  • Unity Awards, "Best VR Game," Finalist. (2017)

  • Independent Games Festival, "Seumas McNally Grand Prize," Honorable Mention. (2019)

  • Google Play Awards, "Best VR Experience," Winner. (2017)

  • The VR Awards, "VR Game of the Year," Finalist. (2017)


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