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Ducklings is a heartbreaking and heartwarming co-op board game about the hardships of parenting.

Roles  |  Lead Designer & Lead Artist

Team Size  |  3

Duration  |  Jan 2017 - May 2018


Would you sacrifice yourself to save your child?

In this family-friendly tabletop game, teams of two players will work together to escort their three baby ducklings to a new home. As players navigate their families through a dangerous terrain, the game challenges them to make complex moral and strategic decisions. Will you sacrifice yourself to save your child?

My Role

I created the game with James Collins and Timothi Lim. I designed the core mechanics, balanced cards, and iterated the game loop for this polished, commercially released board game. I created art and flavor text for over 60 unique cards. I additionally led and evaluated user research tests, ran the Kickstarter page, and managed fulfillment with manufacturers and distributors for over 800 customers.


  • IndieCade, "Official Selection" (2017)

  • Kickstarter, "Project's We Love" (2017)

  • Raised $30,000 on Kickstarter (sold 1k copies) in 30 days


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