Catastropieces is a 3D sandbox puzzle game about a struggling painter.

Roles  |  Lead Artist, Lead Producer

USC Games  |  Advanced Games Project

Duration  |  May 2017 - May 2018

Tools used  |  Unity. Maya. 3DS Max. Fmod.

In this 3D point-and-click puzzle game, players step into the role of an artist who has found their muse through building the wackiest contraptions possible. Build Rube Goldberg machines to make art as you avoid your manager and rabid fans.

My Contributions as Lead Producer and Lead Artist

  • Created the game's visual language and directed a team of 5 remote and in-house artists.

  • Worked closely with the design team to build over 30 unique objects and 3 levels in Unity3D that integrate a physics-based puzzle system allowing for dozens of unique player-generated solutions.

  • Built UX/UI for contraption construction and menus.

  • Stepped into the role of lead producer to set milestones, delegate weekly tasks, and facilitate development for a team of 21.

  • Built strategies to promote productivity and efficient communication.

Awards & Recognitions

  • Received over 2,000 downloads on in 1 month.


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