Colorepo is a multiplayer top-down arena shooter where players collect and fire waves of light to knock their opponents out of a ring.

Roles  |  Designer, Artist

Team Size  |  3

Duration  |  48 hours

Tools used  |  Unity. 3DS Max.

In Colorepo, players can obtain seven different weapons- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet- by destroying colored crystals in the level. Each weapon shoots a sinusoidal laser that has a wavelength and frequency corresponding to the physical properties of light.


Red fires the slowest and has the largest wavelength, making it the most difficult to use against an opponent. Violet has a shorter wavelength and shoots the fastest, making it the easiest weapon to hit a player with. However, violet is by far the weakest weapon in the game, barely pushing an opponent backwards, while red is the strongest weapon, where one shot could send an opponent hurtling out of the ring. 

Each player can only hold one weapon at a time. As players obtain different weapons and crystals are destroyed, fewer spots in the level can be used for cover- ramping up gameplay and putting more pressure on players as the game progresses.

Colorepo was created for Global Game Jam 2017 where the theme was "waves." At the USC site, the game was awarded the "Judge's Choice Best Overall Game" Award out of over 30 teams.